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Cal Fan Appreciation Day 2010 II

Part I

So, when we left off, I had just thanked Shane Vereen for his awesome Big Game performance.  Almost 200 yards against Stanford!  I told him that I probably couldn't have broken the hundred yard barrier and it was better he had rushed that day.  I know that is a controversial statement, but I think it's true.  Just gotta say it straight, yknow!  After finishing up with the Seniors Offense table, we wandered over to the Seniors Defense table.  However, there were a lot of players hanging around the Seniors Defense table, who had yet to sit down (or were not even Seniors Or Defense), but had their own individual lines.  Such as Marvin Jones:


And Cameron Jordan:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-31 (via ja_williams)

Join me after the jump for more information and photos from the Cal Fan Appreciation Day!

Marvin Jones was very popular.  We never actually talked to him, which was unfortunate. 


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-30 (via ja_williams)

We did get a chance to chat with Cameron Jordan, who is a true cut up.  The guy is hilarious.  He is very personable and seemed to take sincere interest in each person who came up to him. 


The only flaw?  His pen carrying abilities.  He didn't have a pen to sign stuff.  I stood next to him for a few minutes while he kept borrowing my pen to provide to various fans.  I'm not sure if I'll put Cameron Jordan Pen Personal Assistant on my resume, but I also am not sure I won't!




Unfortunately, I got fired as Pen Personal Assistant when a younger, more efficient blogger provided a pen to Cameron Jordan.  Was I the greatest Pen Personal Assistant of all time?  I'll let history judge that.  But hey, Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson was right there.


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-33 (via ja_williams)



I asked to take a photo with him and he took a photo like he was handing the ball off to me.  Funny stuff.  I think I fumbled :(.  Then, Tedford benched me for most of the second half.  And we lost to Oregon State.  NOOOO!


Being on a running back kick, we saw Isi Sofele, Ca's #2 running back going into the 2010 season:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-35 (via ja_williams)



Also, fullback Nico Dumont:


I ran over to Sandy Barbour and thanked her profusely for the stability she brought to the athletics department.  Similar to what I said to Coach Tedford, it is important to have stability in a program.  We joked about the UCSB AD getting a bit upset when she tweeted that Cal volleyball "ripped" UCSB.  She tried to say she understood and if the situation was reversed, she'd be peeved, too.  I loudly proclaimed to anybody in hearing distance that we crushed em and that was clear.  Take that, Gauchos! 

I feel very happy having people like Coach Tedford and Sandy Barbour helping man the athletics department.  Things looked bleak at various times, but I hope we are past the worst of it.  Starting in 2012, we'll have New Memorial Stadium.  We'll have the SAHPC.  Cal will hopefully be flushed with money from expansion. 

We then saw Coleman Edmond, CGB Friend Of The Site.  He has a brace on his hand, saying he had a problem with his thumb.  He also said it was a mental thing, so hopefully he'll be fine soon and productive out on the field:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-37 (via ja_williams)

Then, we saw Darian Hagan.  It looks like we had the same idea as pretty much everybody else, because when we got there he was thanking somebody for their support.  We told him that he was an inspiration and wished him good luck with the season:





Brian Schwenke was wandering by:


By this time, Mike Mohamed had barely made it to the field.  Barely:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-38 (via ja_williams)

He had a very lengthy line and so we decided to try to talk to him later.  You can see the crowd:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-43 (via ja_williams)

Although we didn't get a chance to chat with MikeyMo, we did see Trevor Guyton, however.



Love that afro there!  


Hard-hitting Sean "Cat-house" Cattouse rolled down from the stands.  I told him he was a real hard hitter and he said he didn't hit hard enough.  NOBODY TELL ERIC DECKER!


Aaron Tipoti wandered by:


As did the Scrabble dominating name Solomona Aigamaua.  


Check out the mane on this Oregon State transfer, Kameron Krebs:


Gabe King happened to be chilling nearby.  We didn't talk to him at that time, but we did get a chance to meet up with him later:


2010 Cal Football Fan Day-44 (via ja_williams)

JP Hurrell was signing items, also. 




That is a solid amount there.  Let's reconvene here soon with Part III.  GO BEARS!