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Vote For The Golden Moment of the Decade

Here is where we decide what the seminal play or event was of the last ten years in California Golden Bears sports. You gave us the nominees, and seven made the cut of five recs or more. See the moments after the jump.

Here are the instructions. Please follow them or your ballot will be discarded.

Please choose your three best performances on this list and rank them in order, i.e. put a 3 next to your best performance,  2 next to the second best performance, 1 next to the third best performance. Leave the other four slots blank.

They are as follows:

1. Cal regaining the Axe for the first time since 1995 (HT Oski4Heisman)



See 2 thru 7 after the jump, and vote in the poll that follows (or click here for the form).

2. Tyler Fredrickson's field goal to upset USC in triple OT (HT drub12)

3. Marshawn Lynch ghostriding after beating Washington in 2006 (HT Tony Macaroni)



4. Desean Jackson's amazing punt return against Tennessee (HT Spazzy McGee)

5. Marcus Ezeff's forcing Cameron Colvin's touchback to beat Oregon in Autzen (HT neodarksaver)



6. 2009 Big Game: Mike Mohamed's game sealing-INT (HT Berkelium97)



7. Cal Basketball Wins First Pac-10 Title In 50 Years (HT Scootie)



Now time to fill out the form (or click here)! Again, fill in your top three choices based on the instructions.