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Golden Nuggets: NCAA Bureaucracy Claims More Victims

Jonathan Okanes has reported on some difficulty Cal is having getting Gabe King and Dave Wilkerson eligible to practice now that school has started. King is expected to redshirt, but Wilkerson was fighting for a position as starting linebacker, meaning that the football team wants this sorted out as quickly as possible:

Tedford said he hoped the situation wouldn’t drag on much longer and clearly is frustrated by it.

“Anytime something is in someone else’s hands, you always have to be a little concerned about it,” Tedford said. “They have sent it in numerous times. It’s a little bit frustrating when you send things two, three or four times and they come up with new policies once you send it in. They change and come up with something new.

“We were on top of this a long time ago. Compliance is calling three times  a day to figure it out. It can be a little bit frustrating.”

After the jump check out how Tedford found his new defensive coordinator, reports about Kevin Riley and some depth chart decisions.

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