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Cal Depth Chart Released: Summers-Gavin Moves Over, Payne Starting NT

(Note: Official CalBears depth chart was just released. I'm not sure how official it is, but for now all the depth chart updates straight from there will be bolded with UPDATE in this post.)

The big news from the release of the Cal depth chart is that Matt Summers-Gavin will be moving from left guard to right tackle. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this has to do with Summers-Gavin's injury problems. Making him come right out of the box and start lead blocking on running plays is probably not what Marshall and Tedford want him to be doing. Cal has already played Summers-Gavin at left tackle and probably feel confident enough to play him at the less demanding right position to start the season.

Also, when Okanes asked Tedford about the move, this is what he had to say:

According to Jeff Tedford, Summers-Gavin is moving to right tackle because they feel they have enough depth at guard with Justin Cheadle, Brian Schwenke, Dominic Galas and Richard Fisher. I asked Tedford what the move meant for Edwards, and he said "I don't know. We'll see."

There does seem to be a lot of depth at guard and a lack of it at tackle, so this does seem like a logical move.

This seems to assure Mitchell Schwartz of the left tackle position, with Donovan Edwards backing both of them up.

UPDATE: The current Cal depth chart has Galas at left guard and Schwenke at right guard, beating out Cheadle for the starting role. It also has Edwards at right tackle, but I assume Summers-Gavin will move in there once he recovers from injury. Stay tuned for more details on that.

By default, Derrick Hill's recurring injuries seem to have put Kendrick Payne as the starting nose tackle. I doubt this is the last you've heard of Hill though. I wouldn't be surprised to see both of them get a lot of snaps. But Payne showed some stuff in the Pointsettia Bowl that makes you think he won't be a pushover to let go of those minutes. The nose tackle competition could work very well in improving the most important part of Cal's defensive line.

The most uncertain position on the team seems to be at defensive end. Cameron Jordan will occupy one spot of course (probably right defensive end), but there's a lot of competition for that second position. Ernest Owusu, Trevor Guyton and Deandre Coleman all seem to be in a dead heat, reports Okanes.

It sounds like Guyton is a backup, but Tedford said today that he expects Guyton, Owusu and Deandre Coleman all to get reps during games. It sounds like Owusu had a pretty good camp, but Coleman probably has the biggest upside of any of those three guys.

Keith Browner is the current rush outside linebacker. It'll be a challenge for Browner, who I believe has a total of 1 sack and 2 tackles for loss in his last season.

UPDATE: Nick Forbes and Robert Mullins are listed as the current backup inside linebackers over Steven Fanua. Jarred Price and Ryan Davis are the backup OLBs, although David Wilkerson could make his way onto the chart once he gets cleared by the NCAA. Both Gabe King and Wilkerson are being checked for their academic paperwork, which has held Wilkerson out of practice as of late (King is less of a concern because he is still likely to redshirt).

As has been reported before, Marc Anthony will start at cornerback. Joining him is Darian Hagan. I have a feeling #26 could be the most popular player on this team by mid-season once people get to know his story. It's an amazing turnaround for a guy none of us were sure would ever start at Cal again after his 2009 tumble.

Bryant Nnabuife and Steve Williams are definitely on the second unit. For those disappointed Steve Williams didn't win out at the starting position, I think you'll get your chances to see him this season. Although Okanes says either Bryant Nnabuife or Josh Hill will be the featured nickelback, Williams could see action in three/four wide receiver sets, and is almost certain to start in 2011.

UPDATE: Nnabuife is listed as the primary backup to both Hagan and Anthony. I'm sure Williams is well on his way, but it looks as if the experience of Hagan and Nnabuife (along with Anthony being one class ahead of Williams) has won out for the main rotation.

There's a carousel going on at safety. Sean Cattouse and Chris Conte were the projected starters, but D.J. Campbell and Hill are chasing them hard. Competition is pretty healthy for safeties, but it continues to relay the uncertainty of the position going into opening day.

UPDATE: Currently Hill is listed as the starting free safety and Conte as the starting strong safety, but don't think this is etched in stone.

Beau Sweeney is the clear #2 quarterback, and the instant favorite to be the starter in 2011. Brock Mansion is #3.

Cal is unlikely to deviate from their running back dual threat despite their impressive depth. Shane Vereen and Isi Sofele should get the majority of the carries.

#3 is number 3 on the depth chart. Jeremy Ross will be the third wide receiver to compete, which probably means he'll be handling all the intermediate duties behind Marvin Jones and Keenan Allen

UPDATE: What's mildly surprising is that Coleman Edmond now appears on the two deep chart, surpassing both Michael Calvin and Alex Lagemann. Calvin was injured for awhile so he might return to the 4th spot upon season's start, but Edmond has clearly made a name for himself in fall camp.

Eric Stevens (brother of Craig Stevens) is the starting fullback over Will Kapp (son of Joe Kapp). Okanes had these remarks.

Stevens is a very good looking player who had a good camp. They will share the role at the beginning, but I would doubt Kapp could ever completely replace him at this point. Stevens is more athletic. When you see him in space, you notice him.