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Golden Nuggets: Riley Declares Bay Area Bear Territory

Ted Miller at ESPN weighed in on the perception that Stanford has passed Cal as the best program in the Bay Area, but Kevin Riley isn't having it:

California quarterback Kevin Riley knew the question about rival Stanford was coming. He'd surely already read stories about a changing of the guard in the Bay Area. He probably was aware that more than a few columnists and fans had questioned whether his coach, Jeff Tedford, was capable of prodding the Bears into taking the next step from merely good to elite.

Changing of the guard? My tookus, said Riley.

"It's disrespect," said Riley with just a hint of edge in his voice. "We beat them last year, and our offense whupped up their defense pretty good. We beat them last year when they were at their highest point of their game."

Cal Football:

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Cal Basketball:

ESPN checks in on the Pac-10 during the off-season and says to look out for Jorge Gutierrez and Allen Crabbe, and also gives us a best case/worst case scenario for each team.

Other Sports:

Left Coast Hoops has a nice interview with Joanne Boyle about how the women's hoops team is doing over the off-season

Women's soccer ties UC Irvine behind two goals from Alex Morgan, and will host #9 Santa Clara on Friday.  Head out to Berkeley and catch a great matchup!

Cal golfers good at golf, thus summing up my understanding of golf.

Nathan Adrian is a better swimmer than you, me, others not reading this sentence.