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CGB Predicts The Cal Football 2010 Season!

You are hearing a lot of what we, the important big deal people of CGB, think of the upcoming season.  As important as us Marshawnthusiasts and Members Of The Follettariat are, we pale in comparison to the true engine that makes this site move:


The basic reason for CGB is to give the readers an opportunity to provide their thoughts and their passions on Cal sports.  Today is no different.  We did this previously a few months back and wanted to give the readers another opportunity to predict the Cal season.  This will be a lot of fun, let me assure you.  All you have to do is fill out a quick form (after the jump) about how well you think Cal will do this season.  Let me quote liberally from Avinash from the last post:


But there's a twist. We're not going to predict wins and losses (an absolutist and thus highly illogical way of predicting seasons). We're going to predict win probabilities. So on the form, if you believe Cal has a 100% chance of beating UC Davis, submit a "1" on the form underneath that game. If you believe Cal has a 20% chance of beating USC, submit "0.20" there. And so forth.

Adding up all the win probabilities will give us the expected value of wins (i.e. you expect Cal to win 1.2 games in the scenario above if they play UC Davis and USC--1+0.2); averaging out all these expected win value for all users will give us the aggregated win value, and CGB's own expected value for 2010.

So, you put your probability for Cal's chances at winning each game in the form.  Remember, use decimals, not percentages, otherwise we can't use your ballot.  Credit to this idea should go to Tomahawk Nation, SBN's Florida State Seminoles site.

After you've filled out the form, hit submit and then put your thoughts on Cal's upcoming season.  During the Spring, you guys predicted Cal would have a 8-4 season.  But that was several months ago, before we started getting reports from camps not only at Cal, but also across the Pac10 and CFB universe.  Will things be different this time around????  Let's find out!  If you have any trouble with the form after the jump, you can click here and fill it out.  GO BEARS!