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Ranking the Cal Football Media Coverage

We all have lives. Lives which require that we pay attention to other things than Cal Football 24/7. Things such as babies, wives, girlfriends, pets, xbox, laundry, jobs, and hooking on the street. Therefore we have to rely on mass media to supplement our knowledge, or help us catch up on things we missed while taking care of real life things.

Thankfully, there are a bevy of sources covering Cal Football throughout the internet. Unfortunately, not all are great. That's where we come along. We're here to give you our opinion on some of the best sources to go to to watch for Cal Football news. So below, please find our quick list of some of our favorite sources that we will often scour for information when putting together the Golden Nuggz for each day.

#1 -- Ted Miller's Pac-10 Blog

What we like: The balanced Pac-10 coverage. Miller provides interesting reads in his "Pac-10 Lunch Links" posts for every team in the Pac-10. While we love all reading about Cal, we also love hearing about U$C sanctions. Miller hits on all the important stuff going on throughout the Pac-10 and then some. Also, he links to the CGB quite frequently which is even cooler. It makes us feel so special and loved. And we all need to feel special and loved in our life.

In addition to providing good info, he also earns some laughs for his subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) attempts at humor. He answers fan emails, updates his blog more than we do, and works for ESPN. Ted Miller is L-E-G-I-T. Believe that.

What we don't like: Well, Miller lives in Scottsdale, Arizona (yes, we stalk him), so he can't make it out to the Cal Football practices and give us practice reports. It's hard to fault him for not providing this kind of information when it's not really his fault, but when you want to read practice reports you'll have to look elsewhere.

#2 -- Jonathan Okanes' BearTalk Blog

What we like: The frequently updated Cal Football reports from practices. Okanes is numero uno when it comes to practice reports on a daily basis. Love it. Okanes also writes more detailed articles for the newspaper too which often contain even more information. He has gotten better and better every year he's been on the beat. We especially love his tweets on Twitter.

What we don't like: "Amy" trolling in his comment section and starting stupid flame wars with Cal fans. Do yourself a favor and just skip reading the comments on his posts. And if you don't know who "Amy" is, then consider yourself lucky.

#3 -- Daily Cal Sports

What we like: Being that the writers/kids are on campus, and have easy access to the stadium and the players, they usually have very interesting and detailed player interviews. Some of the most interesting quotes from both players and coaches have come from Daily Cal interviews. They also have solid fall camp coverage going on too.

What we don't like: Daily Cal is great for coverage and facts, but not a ton of analysis going on over there.

#4 -- Crumpacker on Cal

What we like: Crumpacker is fairly new to covering Cal Football, but he updates frequently, provides good coverage, and gives a bit of opinion and analysis. He's a solid contributor to the Cal Football coverage who has a nice easy-going laid back vibe in his posts. Plus, he's a Cal alum (Class of '77). Crumpacker also writes for the SF Chronicle and has good articles.

What we don't like: His blog updates, while often strong in quality, are small in quantity.

#5 - (

What we like: If you want THE most *detailed* practice reports you ever read, go here. These guys got their stuff together and write essays on one single practice.

What we don't like: You have to pay money to read most of their articles. I'm not Bill Gates, yo.

#6 -- (ESPN)

What we like: Solid coverage of the practices. Interesting player and coach interviews.

What we don't like: Not a ton of opinion or analysis. Just coverage. Some articles are premium and require a subscription.

#7 -- Cal Sports (

What we like: Solid coverage of the practices with player and coach interviews.

What we don't like: some articles require a subscription. We prefer free stuff.

#8 -- Jon Wilner College Hotline

What we like: The dude has an opinion on things and isn't afraid to state it. It makes for an interesting read even though you may disagree with what he's saying. He also publishes his AP Top-25 ballot; love him or hate him, you have to respect him for doing that.

What we don't like: Doesn't really provide the fall camp coverage like the other entities listed above do. Is overly-critical of Tedford & Co. sometimes.

#9 -- Bleacher Report

What we like: Technically, these guys might not be official media members as since anyone can write for Bleacher Report. However, if you want opinion and analysis, go here. These kids are eager to write and not afraid to say what is on their mind.

What we don't like: Not a ton of coverage. Some of the opinions touted on Bleacher Report make us cringe and are a bit extreme, but you have to give them credit for having the cajones to put their opinion out there.

#10 -- Rob Calogne Examiner

What we like: provides fair coverage throughout the season, although not in the greatest quantities.

What we don't like: has gone MIA for a while and doesn't seem to be covering Cal Football fall camp.

#11 -- Glenn Dickey SFExaminer

What we like: provides some of the most interesting coach interviews. He is in tight with Coach Tedford and often gets the most revealing interviews of Tedford when nobody else can.

What we don't like: he mostly covers pro sports and writes like one college article every 3 months.