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CGB's Preseason Blogpoll (Plus Create Your Own Top 25)

Good news everyone! SB Nation now owns the Blogpoll (and you can check out the new interface here). And with the season around the corner, this is our chance to show off our first draft, this one for the preseason poll.

By now you've probably heard the news that Cal received no votes for the AP Preseason Top 25 for the first time since 2003. Big whoop. You could've just come to CGB's own BlogPoll to find a place where no one would rank the Bears!

Your voters this year btw: ragnarok (who will be running the blogpoll posts all year long), yellow fever (providing that East Coast bias) and joining them are newcomers Berkelium97 and norcalnick (you'll think it's easy until you've done it). Their discussions and justifications of these ballots should be most entertaining to watch.

This is what they came up with for their first draft. Keep in mind our general blogpoll philosophy as esteemed by its creator, Brian Cook of MGoBlog.

Final ballots are due Monday, so if you see anything that makes us look dumb or believe should be changed around, let us know in the comments. Official blogpoll will be up later this week with insight from ragnarok.

Additionally, thanks to royrules22, the CGB Top-25 is back after its rookie season! So go on ahead and vote for the pre-season top-25! Feel free to ask any questions  or let us know your top 25 ballots in the comments!

More info after the jump, all provided by royrules22.

The instructions are simple and are provided at the top of the voting page.

The plan for the pre-season poll is simple. It's open now and will close on Friday Aug 27, giving me a day to post up the results. From then on the new polls will go live on Sunday evenings and will close Wednesday evening with the results up by then. The results will be similar to last season with awards and analysis.

The main difference since last season is that I fixed two outstanding issues and all votes and ballots are now saved until the end of the season where I plan on doing a fanpost extravaganza  with analysis of voting patters and what not. So please vote!

Also if you do find any bugs or issues feel free to let me know in the comments. That is, any comments other than adding the Richmond Spiders to the poll.