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Golden Nuggets: Breaking Down ESPN's College Football Confidential

ESPN recently polled 135 (?) anonymous college football players and asked a variety of interesting questions.  The results are fishy, though; several of the numbers simply do not add up.  Either they're bad at percentages, or that is not the true size of their sample.  Anyway, they asked separate questions for each conference and these are some of the results from the Pac-10 players.  Based on the numbers, it looks like 9 Pac-10 players participated in the survey.

Here is some of what they said:

Best Coach: Jim Harbaugh, 4 of 9 voted for him (4 also voted for Harbaugh's team to win the Pac-10 this year).  On the converse, 3 of the 9 said Lane Kiffin is the last coach they'd ever play for.

Best Player: Jake Locker won with 3 votes.

Worst Mascot:  4 players said they wanted to get rid of the Tree.

Loudest Stadium: The Autzen Zoo, which earned 7 of the 9 votes.

Because the results are only available to ESPN Insider subscribers, Ted Miller did us a favor and posted some of the more interesting results.  Here's what he said about the national votes:

Turning to a national perspective, guess whose uniforms rate No. 1. 

This was an Oregon landslide (53.7 percent). One Big Ten star was particularly blown away. "I don't even have to think about that one," he says. "I almost wanted to transfer there just for those uniforms." As for worst unis, winner Wyoming's brown-and-yellow jerseys elicited 18.9 percent. Wonders one player: "The worst colors ever? What is that, piss and poop?"

Ah, the generation gap. Traditionalists make fun of Oregon's uniforms. But players love them. 

As for best coach, that's Alabama's Nick Saban, which I'd second, though Florida's Urban Meyer has to be 1B. But a Pac-10 coach did get mentioned. 
As for the last coach you'd ever want to play for, players aren't rooting for USC's Lane Kiffin (29.6 percent). "He's an awesome football coach," says one O-lineman. "But he took a program for one year, talked a lot, then left them out to dry."

After the jump Cal's revenue sports earn more radio coverage, the Ray Guy award (by mistake?) leaves Bryan Anger off the list, Wilner looks at Pac-10 revenue distributions, and, as usual, a variety of outlets report from practices four and five of fall camp, including yesterday's full-pads practice.