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Golden Nuggets: Jahvid Best Continues to Improve

If the LeBron coverage hasn't driven you insane or made you want to jump out a window, check out CGB's thorough coverage of all things LeBron.

Jahvid Best continues to impress his coaches with his versatility and, of course, his speed.

"We haven't spoon-fed it," coach Jim Schwartz said. "It's been throw it all at him right away. We've used him as a wide receiver. We've used him in the slot. We've used him as a running back. We've ran the ball, thrown the ball. He's been exposed to everything. He's a good, smart player. That's why we drafted him."

He sure can. In minicamp, the first-round pick from California made some of those YouTube-worthy highlight plays that made Schwartz drool on his keyboard before the draft. On one play, Best took a pitch in the backfield, moved toward the left sideline and then zipped past defensive ends, linebackers and defensive backs with ease.

Part of the reason for Best's success in minicamp was due to learning how to practice, even though he has yet to absorb his first NFL hit in pads.

"The first thing with him was conditioning," Schwartz said. "As well as he worked at the combine and as fast as he is and everything else, just like most of the other rookies we talked about this, they think they're in good shape. But then they show up here and they realize that they're not.

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