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Ranking The Big Games Of The Decade: Democracy In Action!

There are some Cal fans who believe the word "Stanfurd" should not be said in the presence of ladies.  For those fans, this post is for you!  We took the time to recount all 10 Big Games of the 2000s, counting them down from one to one.  Whether it was a crushing loss, a underwhelming victory or a spirited destruction of those Lobsterbacks down South, there was a lot to talk about.  The final few games were very controversial as many thought we put 2002 too high compared to 2009 and even 2008.  But who cares about us!

Now, it is your turn!  Here is our ranking, after the jump give your rankings and provide comments in the Google Docs.  We'll turn them into posts.  In the comments, tell us what you thought of the series and what you put in the Google Docs:

10.  2007 - Brutal loss at Stanford Stadium snaps winning streak

9.  2000 - OT Thriller ends poorly for Cal

8.  2001 - Winless Cal team gives valiant effort, but falls

7.  2006 - Talented Cal team has solid, but basic victory

6.  2003 - Up and coming Cal team nearly fumbles away game

5.  2005 - Steve Levy restores pride to a lost season

4.  2004 - Stacked Cal team demolishes Stanford at Memorial

3.  2008 - Cal takes strong first half attack from Stanford and uses trickeration to run up score on Stanford

2.  2009 - Last second interception by Mike Mohamed seals Cal victory for the ages

1.  2002 - Cathartic victory for Cal ends years long losing streak


Here is the form.  You don't have to put a name, but if you don't it would make us less likely to use any comments you provide in a future Readers comments post.  Moreover, note that 1 is for the Worst Big Game while 10 is for the Best Big Game.  And remember, only use one number per Big Game, so don't be giving 4 Big Games #10 or something like that.  Then, we'll have to throw out your ballot and democracy will fail!