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Golden Nuggets: Most Memorable Moment of 2009-10

Jerome Randle celebrates Cal's 2010 Pac-10 Championship
Jerome Randle celebrates Cal's 2010 Pac-10 Championship

The Daily Cal took a look back at the top-ten most memorable moments from the 2009-10 sports season.  Not surprisingly, basketball's first Pac-10 title in 50 years claimed the top spot.  Rounding out the top five were the 2009 Big Game win, Rugby's national championship, the NFL Draft, and the star-studded recruiting class.

"Who would have imagined two years ago that we would have won the conference, played into the second round of the NCAA, won 24 games?" coach Mike Montgomery said. "We had kids get hurt. We didn't have great depth. But I thought that they came together as a group. They learned how to play together. They learned how to win games."

We won't remember what happened in the preseason, and the second round loss to Duke in the NCAA Tournament is just a footnote. For the first time in 50 years, the Bears can call themselves Pac-10 champions.

And that's the win that this generation of Cal fans will always remember. 

After the jump women's basketball picks up a highly touted point guard, a new Pac-12 network should bring in plenty of revenue, and the Cal ATO welcomes football fans to the modern age.