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Jerome Randle Reportedly To Play In Turkey

At least I think they're calling him the Super Squirt.

Former Cal star Jerome Randle has reached an agreement to sign with a professional basketball team team in Turkey, according to Randle will sign with Petkim Aliaga, which begins its season in mid-October.

The headline of the article refers to Randle as Super Squirt, and we assume it was an accurate translation.


Randle reportedly was considering signing with Partizan, a Serbian team, but apparently has decided instead to sign with the team in Turkey.

At least Randle will have Patrick Christopher nearby, as he also has signed with a Turkish team for the next season. I can't imagine this is where Randle wanted to end up, but I assume he'll use this as an opportunity to develop himself for another league audition for next summer. And the money in Europe is way better than the money in the D-League.

Good luck Jerome! Hopefully we'll see you soon enough.