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Cal Fans, What's Your Golden Moment of the Decade?

Other All-Decade posts where you've been able to vote: Best Big Game of the Decade (TBA soon), Favorite Athlete of the Decade (Aaron Rodgers), Golden Performance of the Decade (Shane Vereen, 2009 Big Game).

The greatest sports moments stretch in time. They're an experience that stick with us from its very inception to our very end. So think about the following question. Which moment (a play or a fan experience) above all will you remember the most from this past decade?

The best way I think you can answer this question is this...if you were to ask one of our video experts to compile a montage of Cal sports of the past decade, what image would you choose to cap off a tribute like this?

(HT MGoBlog)

Rules are as follows:

1. Submit a nominee and describe why they're your favorite. Best comments will get inserted into the final post where you'll be able to nominate the Golden Moment, and could earn you more recs.

2. Rec the nominees you agree with in the original post, reply to those comments with your own explanations as to why they're your favorite. Again, best comments will get inserted into the post.

3.  If someone has already nominated your favorite moment, go ahead and nominate your second favorite moment. If someone has picked that one, nominate your third favorite moment, and so on. (The one nomination per commenter rule has been waived to allow for as many nominees as possible to get their due.)

4. One nomination per comment, to avoid confusion please.