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Chris Martin Transferring From Cal

UPDATE: Okanes reports that Martin is not transferring to a West Coast school. The schools that he was interested in before he committed to Cal include Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Florida. (HT EchoOfSilence)

He also said he has already committed to another program but didn’t want to disclose what the school is just yet. He did imply that the school is not on the West Coast. Martin said he would be at the new school by the end of this week.

UPDATE: Bear Insider with a statement from Chris's father. (HT solarise)

"I'll let Chris do the talking in his situation but Chris and the family thought that the distractions he left the bay area for in high school wouldn't be a problem but it became apparent after he came back that that wasn't the case and that it would likely only become more of an issue later so best to make the decision now.

"It's hard because the Cal staff and family have been nothing but great this whole time. It's not related to the Cal program whatsoever.

"It's disappointing but we wish the Cal program well."

UPDATE: Jeff Faraudo has the official release from Cal. (HT boomtho)

Linebacker Chris Martin, a member of Cal’s 2010 signing class, will transfer from Cal announced head coach Jeff Tedford on Tuesday.

"My decision to transfer definitely does not reflect on the football program or the academics at Cal," said Martin, a native of Oakland. "Rather, I feel like for me to focus and truly reach my potential I need to leave many of the distractions I have here at home in the Bay Area. I need to venture away from home and start my college career somewhere else where I don’t have those distractions."

"This is a decision that Chris and his family have made to do what they feel is in the best interest of Chris," said Tedford. "We wish Chris the best as he pursues his college football career. It is always important for young men to make the correct decisions to be able to reach their full potential. I understand his concern with the continued outside distractions he’s facing, and I support Chris and his decision to transfer. I wish him and his family all the best."


Wow and now bluechip DE-LB recruit Chris Martin is transferring from Cal the school announces.

His reasoning?

Chris Martin says there are "too many distractions" in the Bay Area... Good news for Notre Dame??