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Vote For The Greatest California Golden Bear Performance Of The Decade

13 performances made the cut of 5 recs or more. Your nominees are...

Aaron Rodgers, 2004 at USC: Completed first 23 passes, 29-34, 267 yards, 1 TD
Alexis Gray-Lawson, 2009 Furd: 37 of Cal's 57 points, 12-20 shooting, 5-7 from downtown
Amit Tamir, 2002 Oregon: 39 points in double overtime, 14-19 shooting, 6-8 from downtown
Geoff McArthur, 2003 Big Game: 16 catches, 245 yards, 2 TDs, facing constant double teams from the Furd
Jahvid Best, 2008 Washington: 19 carries, 311 yards, 4 TDs, single-game school record
Jerome Randle, 2009 Arizona: 31 points, 8 three pointers, 6 in the second half to break a thirteen game losing streak in Tucson
Joe Igber, 2002 Big Game: 26 carries, 226 yards, 1 TD, brought the Axe home
Kevin Riley, 2007 Armed Forces Bowl: 16-19, 269 yards, 3 TDs, led 21 point comeback against Air Force
Lavelle Hawkins, 2007 Oregon State: 9 catches, 192 yards, 2 TDs;  64 yard grab and a 4th and 17 conversion to keep Cal's hopes alive.
Leon Powe, 2006 Pac-10 Tournament vs Oregon: 41 points in double overtime, 14-17 from the field, 13-18 from the line
Marshawn Lynch, 2006 Washington: 21 carries, 150 yards, 2 TDs, 4 catches, 53 yards, touchdowns gave Cal the lead in the 4th Q and OT
Natalie Coughlin, 2008 Beijing: Gold medal in 100 m backstroke, first American female athlete to win six medals at one Olympics
Shane Vereen, 2009 Big Game: 42 carries, 193 yards, 3 TDs playing on a torn meniscus

Here are the instructions. Please follow them or your ballot will be discarded.

Please choose your five best performances on this list and rank them in order, i.e. put a 5 next to your best performance,  4 next to the second best performance, 3 next to the third best performance, 2 next to the fourth best performance, 1 next to the fifth best performance. Leave the other eight spots blank.

Ballot is after the jump (or click here). Cast your votes and decide which Golden Bear had the best individual performance the past ten years. Debate in the comments.