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Cal Fans, What's Your Golden Performance of the Decade?

via <a href=""></a> Jahvid Best has a couple of Golden Performances on his resume.
via Jahvid Best has a couple of Golden Performances on his resume.

Editor's Note: Bumped back up so people who didn't see the nominations from this weekend get a chance to rec them.

Other All-Decade posts where you've been able to vote: Best Big Game of the Decade, Favorite Athlete of the Decade.

This pertains to a particular individual performance in one game or event. It could be a quarterback throwing like mad and picking apart an opponent's secondary, or one of our great running backs shredding a team for hundreds of yards, or a basketball player going off on the road to defeat a tough opponent, or a swimmer having a great Olympics (in this case, you can use the overall Olympic performance since there are so many swimming events)--use your own criteria to decide which one sets the standard.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Submit a nominee and describe why they're your favorite. Best comments will get inserted into the final post where you'll be able to nominate the Golden Performance, and could earn you more recs.

2. Rec the nominees you agree with in the original post, reply to those comments with your own explanations as to why they're your favorite. Again, best comments will get inserted into the post.

3. Only one nominee per commenter (unless we have like only four or five nominees by midnight tonight, in which case anything goes). If someone has already nominated your favorite performance, go ahead and nominate your second favorite performance. If someone has picked that one, nominate your third favorite performancee, and so on.

4. One nomination per comment, to avoid confusion please.