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Golden Nuggets: "I learned my work ethic on the farm"

The Lott Trophy website recently published profile on Mike Mohamed.  While we all know about his prowess on the field, the article provided an interesting look into his lineage and his life growing up in the Imperial Valley.

Mike Mohamed, the great-grandson of an immigrant farmer who built a thriving farm in Brawley, has grown to be a 240-pound tackling machine for the California Golden Bears. 
      Niaz Mohamed Sr. was born in India, migrated to America and became a US Citizen.  He bought 1,000 acres of the Imperial Valley and began planting.  Today, his son Niaz Mohamed Jr., oversees more than 100 employees all of whom likely root for the big Cal linebacker.
      Niaz Jr. is Mike’s grandfather and still running the family business, a source of great family pride in the valley.
"I worked in everything from the cooking shed to driving a tractor when I was growing up," he said.  "I learned my work ethic on the farm.  The hard work there applies to football.  Nothing comes easy and it takes a lot of time.
"I’ve learned to be very time-efficient," he told Jimmy Tran of The Daily Californian.  "I’ve had to get good at picking things up the first or second time I read them.  I don’t have the time to keep going over things."
Fellow Linebacker Mychael Kendricks is dazzled by Mohamed:  "He’s smart, without a doubt.  He’s fast and strong, too, but when you’re smart on top of that it makes a good combination."
He’s also one of the most popular players on the Bears.
"He’s the coolest guy," says D.J. Holt, another linebacker.  "He is so chill, never talks about anybody, someone you can trust, a great guy overall.  He’s smart, wise and a true friend who gives good advice.  He’s always positive and that’s always a good attribute to have as a friend."

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