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Cal Baseball vs. Oral Roberts: Elimination Gamethread

When:  11:00 AM PST
Stream:  NCAA Stream
Radio: None
Gametracker: Click here

After a complete and utter drubbing at the hands of North Carolina, Cal will face the Golden Eagles for the chance to extend their season at least a day.  Absolutely nothing went right for Cal yesterday - pitching, hitting and defense all let the Bears down throughout the game.  The only sliver of good news is that the game was out of hand so quickly that Cal used none of their high leverage pitchers, leaving them relatively fresh for the rest of the weekend.  And they will need it.

Oral Roberts may be a four seed but they looked pretty legit against Oklahoma on Friday.  ORU is 7th in the nation in home runs per game and they flashed that power yesterday with four deep flies against the Sooners.  I'm assuming Erik Johnson will be pitching to prolong Cal's season, though I've seen no official decision.  Perhaps if Esquer is feeling gutsy he could start Dixon Anderson and hope Cal wins anyway, thus saving his best starter for North Carolina or Oklahoma, but I'm guessing he plays for today to ensure there is a tomorrow.

So here's hoping for a complete team turnaround and a much more pleasant viewing experience.  Go Bears!