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Cal Baseball vs. North Carolina: Regional Gamethead

When:  5:00 PM PST
Stream:  NCAA Stream
Radio: None
Gametracker:  Click Here

Boot up the stream and take advantage of your first chance to watch Cal baseball in your home - the Bears are in the playoffs!  As expected it will be workhorse vs. workhorse.  Justin Jones and Matt Harvey - both with the most innings pitched for their teams -  will face off in this critical opening game.  For more info on North Carolina check out CGB's regional preview

Oklahoma survived a 10 inning thriller, winning 7-6 over Oral Roberts.  Win this one and Cal will be taking on the Sooners on Saturday, and they will guarantee themselves Sunday baseball at the very least.  Lose and Cal will face Oral Roberts.  If Cal falls, there will be lots of pressure on tomorrow's starter, and Coach Esquer will be confronted with some tough strategic decisions.

Here is Cal's projected lineup:

RF Tony Renda, Fr. .365, 35 RBI, 3 HR
2B Brian Guinn, Jr. .324, 29 RBI, 1 HR
1B Mark Canha, Jr. .323, 67 RBI, 9 HR
C Chadd Krist, So. .344, 43 RBI, 10 HR
DH Devin Rodriguez, Fr. .297, 21 RBI, 3 HR
CF Chad Bunting, So. .317, 26 RBI, 3 HR
RF Danny Oh, So. .307, 30 RBI, 2 HR
SS Marcus Semien, So. .333, 34 RBI, 4 HR
3B Mitch Delfino, Fr. .310, 10 RBI, 1 HR

LHP Justin Jones, Fr. 10-5, 3.77 ERA

Comment away and Go Bears!