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Golden Nuggets: What's The Most Uncertain Position For Cal Football?

Berkelium's on the trail hunting beavers or something, so I'm your GN host for today.

Ted Miller talks about what he believes will be the most uncertain position for the Golden Bears come 2010: secondary. You can watch the entire video here (which goes into detail about its failings last season and how it might improve this season). Here's the snippet focusing on the players themselves.

Now the Bears are replacing two starters from that unit, including standout cornerback Syd'Quan Thompson. In fact, it's fair to say that safety Sean Cattouse is the only sure thing to start next fall. Darian Hagan (who missed most of spring getting his academics in order), Bryant Nnabuife and Josh Hill each had decidedly mixed results at cornerback last year. In fact, redshirt freshman Steve Wiliams probably had the best spring at the position of the group.

After Cattouse at safety, there's Chris Conte, D.J. Campbell, Vachel Samuels, Chris Moncrease, and perhaps touted incoming freshman Keenan Allen, who's number one position is likely receiver.

In other words, there's some veterans, and there's some intriguing youth. But the vets didn't get it done last year, and you can't just assume youngsters, even touted recruits, or guys who are impressive in practice are going to produce on gamedays.

While I think Miller misses a key point (the lack of fundamentally sound linebackers made things much tougher for our secondary to adapt), for the most part he makes solid points that the secondary will be the toughest position to assess, especially with a new defensive coordinator entering the landscape.

What position are you guys most uncertain of going into 2010? Let us know in the comments! More links after the jump, discussing Mikey Mo, Nnamdi, and others.



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