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Golden Nuggets: Monty Speaks!

Monty recently spoke to Rivals about developing his young team next year.  It's a task full of challenges, beginning with a decision on who will play point guard.

Others already on the team may see their roles change a bit, as well, especially the tenacious and hard-nosed Jorge Gutierrez. At the Coaches Tour event, Montgomery wryly said that Gutierrez had made it known that he wants a shot at the point guard spot.

"Jorge is just going to get better," Montgomery said at AT&T. "He wants to try and play point next year. Yeah, huh, (shudders) yeah. You come coach Jorge at the point. Jeff'll be talking about my controversy next year."

While Gutierrez may give Montgomery a few more gray hairs, the guard out of Chiuahua, Mex., has a fire and intensity that will be welcomed given the leadership vacuum left by the departure of last year's seniors.

"He's always led by example, because he's a tough kid," says Montgomery. "He does not particularly like guys that won't compete, and he doesn't say much to them, but it's almost the absence, the not saying anything, that speaks volumes. He likes guys who compete. He likes guys that are willing to stick their nose in it. If there's going to be a problem, he's going to be the first guys standing there right next to you, and he would like guys to do the same thing for him."

With the seniors gone, it will be up to Gutierrez and others to take the reins of a very young team which will include four sophomores and six freshmen.

"Well, we're going to have to develop our character, and that's the challenge with a whole bunch of young players," says Montgomery. "The emphases will change, what they're capable of doing will change and we're going to give them the opportunity to develop their own skill sets and their own identities, so that's part of the fun of the whole thing."


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