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USA-Slovenia World Cup Soccer Open Thread

Putting all the US soccer games on the frontpage. This is no different. Kickoff at 7 AM PST/10 AM EST, join in from whereever!

norcalnick found this:

Stars and Gripes (the best futbol blog I’ve found) has their Slovenia previews up:

A look at Slovenia

US – Slovenia Keys

So, who will line up for the United States? The arguments for Buddle and Torres are detailed above. I would say Torres is the more likely of the two to start, and a 65-70 minute run-out may be in order. Slovenia’s rather methodical nature tends to mean they score late in games (both goals in the playoff with Russia were in the final frames, as was Robert Koren’s strike against Algeria). The US will need fresh legs in the middle of the pitch as they move towards the final whistle, and a late cameo from Clark may make more sense than 90 minutes.