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Golden Nuggets: Pac Twelve Finalized?

Update: CSN Bay Area is reporting that Utah will be invited to the Pac-10.  An official annoucement will be made tomorrow.

With the death of the Pac-16, it looks like we'll have to settle for the Pac Tweleven as a consolation prize.  Bruce Jenkins of the SFGate isn't too displeased about it.

Make no mistake, that was Scott's plan. A number of Pac-10 schools were all for the big push, for it meant untold riches distributed from a brand-new conference television network. Well, tough break on that one, everybody. Live with it. Remember how you would have felt when those Great Plains schools started racking up all the conference titles. Take heart in the fact that Cal and Stanford won't be forever looking up at the Longhorns and Sooners - in a number of sports.

The worst of it, for Scott, is that the Pac-10 still made a ridiculous move. Adding Colorado was the initial piece of the puzzle, with the bigger boys soon to follow, except ... no. Now the Pac-10 is stuck with Colorado, and maybe Utah down the road, to make it an even 12 teams. Ludicrous. Nothing but a lot of extra travel, for no reason, in tough economic times. It was enough of a stretch to give the Arizona schools a "Pacific" label, and what happens in football now - you play all 11 teams, with no room for nonconference action?

At least there's a semblance of the regional element with the Big 12 saved. That conference becomes more centralized with Colorado out of the way. Adding Nebraska to the Big Ten actually sounds pretty good. A lot of conferences are breathing a bit easier, for if the nation were overcome by superconferences, dozens of once relevant schools would be looking to schedule that big game against Amherst.

After the jump Utah looks forward to a possible invitation from the Pac-10, Colorado wants to move in 2011, ESPN redesigns the conference logos (with great results), and more.

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