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Golden Nuggets: Pac-10 Expansion FAQ

With the rapid developments and ongoing rumor propagation surrounding Pac-10 expansion, the SFGate decided to post a Q+A to help clarify some details.

Q: How would Cal and Stanford's Rose Bowl chances be affected?

A: If all those Big 12 teams come aboard, the 100th anniversary of Cal's last Rose Bowl will be in 2059.
Q: Do departing schools have to pay the Big 12?

A: Yes, $10 million each - unless nine schools vote to dissolve the league, which is unlikely.

Q: In basketball, would Cal and Stanford play each other twice a year?

A: If there were two eight-team divisions, that might continue, but a 16-team conference could go to a complete round robin - one game a year with each opponent.

Q: Will Pac-10 men's basketball benefit?

A: It can't get any worse than last season. Since Kansas isn't coming to the Pac-10, the balance of power won't shift dramatically.

Q: Will the Stanford women's basketball team get any conference competition?

A: Of the possible new schools, three - Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State - were ranked in the final Top 25 poll last season. UCLA was the only Pac-10 school other than Stanford to be ranked.

Q: How will non-revenue sports be affected?

A: More money should trickle down to them, but they will have to travel farther.

After the jump the Texas schools continue to ponder their options, Tedford talks about expansion and the USC sanctions, and the 2009-10 year in Cal sports comes to an end.

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