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CGB Hall of Fame: Desmond Bishop vs Sandy Barbour





One of Cal's finest linebackers squares with our current great Athletic Director! The winner moves onto face the Jerome Randle-Play Players winner in the Sweet 16. Voting ends Friday at noon PT. Click here to view the full bracket.

People remember Marshawn owning things on the offensive end in that UW game, but they might forget that Bishop was a one man wrecking crew on D (16 tackles and the game clinching INT). Throughout 2006 he was our defensive leader, and we certainly missed that fire in 2007.

The Firey Emotional and Vocally Inspiring Leader - this type of leader is emotional. He’ll also have big time emotional celebrations after a big play, inspiring his teammates with confidence and energy. But what makes this type of leader different from the Firey Emotional Cocky Leader is his ability to emotionally pick up his players. He’s the one prowling the benches, screaming, and inspiring his teammates with words and speaches to find the heart within them to play harder and not quit. An example of this type of leader from last year’s team would be Desmond Bishop.

norcalnick runs down what Sandy has done the past half-decade at Cal.

I’m not familiar with all of Cal’s ADs, but her list of accomplishments would probably rank her near the top: -Retained Tedford with a contract extension
-Hired Mike Montgomery
-Kept Joanne Boyle in Berkeley
-Shepherded the Athletic Department through the tree sitter fiasco and now the SAHPC and Memorial retrofit is well on it’s way.
-Is presiding over perhaps the most successful collective run in Cal sports, at least based on Director’s Cup standings.