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USA-England World Cup Open Thread

Some events transcend our usual Golden Bear allegiances. The United States-England World Cup match has been anticipated for six solid months. Well the wait is over, and the Revolutionary Rematch is ON.

For more coverage, here's some reading material to pacify you before the game.

Michael Davies: ESPN blogger who's highly caffeinated.
Jeff Carlise: ESPN preview.
Martin Rogers: Yahoo Sports preview.
Nate Silver's updated World Cup odds at Five Thirty Eight.
MGoBlog: Brian talks with another blog about specific US-England stuff
Stars and Gripes: Almost every recent post is worth taking a look at.
SB Nation's Off the Bar and Out previews England and the United States and made their World Cup predictions. Also, SB Nation's Daily Soccer Fix is in South Africa providing regular dispatches.

Our expert and totally unoffical CGB World Cup coverage team of LeonPowe, norcalnick, Fire Starkey (who's already written an excellent preview) and Thoroughbred will probably stop by to give you their extensive and intelligent thoughts and analysis on the game, before, during, or after in the comments section. The rest of us can just cheer for a reenactment of the Battle of Saratoga! BEAT THE REDCOATS!