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CGB Hall of Fame: Geoff McArthur vs Angie Pressey





One of Cal's greatest receivers hits it up with a Cal volleyball rocket! Who deserves to move on? Winner takes on Tosh Lupoi in the second round.

Voting ends at noon PST on Friday. Examine the case for either side after the jump and vote in the poll!

Also, a reminder: The final two matchups of the first round (Joe Igber vs Tyson Ross, Tyson Alualu vs Sean Dawkins) and the first two matchups of the second round (Aaron Rodgers vs Sean Lampley, Kevin Johnson vs Jamal Boykin) take place next weekend.

thehawkse7en makes a simple and concise case for why Geoff deserves the honor:

Didn’t have the overall skill set that some of the other receivers had, but he put up the best, monster numbers and was simply a beast. Wouldn’t we love to have him now??

CALumbus Bear adds in his thoughts:

Wasn’t G-Mac second in the NATION (behind Larry Fitzgerald) one year in receiving yards? He had the best hands evair, maybe even better than D-Jax when it came to muscling a ball away from a defender. He deserves it. Vote for G-Mac!

Some assorted thoughts on Geoff Macarthur from the grandfather of Cal blogs, Tightwad Hill.

They say it's better to be lucky than good. Well, "they" never met G-Mac. This guy comes out of nowhere to rewrite the Cal record book in 2003, catching 85 passes for 1,504 yards. He has five 150+ yard games and basically wins the Big Game by himself with the greatest stat line in Cal history: 16 catches/245 yards/2 TDs. Then, basking in the glow of All-Pac 10 and 2nd team All-America status and Cal's first bowl invitation in seven years, he fractures his right arm in a non-contact drill. No one touched him. Misses the Insight Bowl win over Virginia Tech.

Oh well, he comes into his senior year a pre-season All-America selection, and opposing defenses are ready. They feed him a steady diet of double teams, and Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball around. Seven different receivers have at least 14 catches on the season, and G-Mac's numbers fall to 57 catches for 862 yards and 7 touchdowns. Plus he plays with a strained oblique muscle for most of the season.

The case for Angie is also terse and to the point.

LeonPowe has these words about Angie

Took the Cal Volleyball team to the Final Four (right?) also dominated asa 5’8" OUTSIDE HITTER. She had some MAJOR HOPS, like her dad.

Danzig chimes in:

But among the [Cal volleyball] players that I’ve seen play on TV I’d say Angie Pressy was the most impressive. She’s just a freak…such a small player jumping that high and hitting that hard was just amazing.