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Golden Nuggets: Seattle Storm Media Day

Former Cal women's players Ashley Walker and Devanei Hampton addressed the media at the recent media day for the Seattle Storm.  Their comments are a great way to catch up on the lives of two of Cal basketball's best players in recent memory.  Credit and  praise be to our SBN brethren at Swish Appeal for getting this audio:

Ashley Walker (and teammate Ashley Robinson) at the Seattle Storm Media Day (14:52) (note, this file is very quiet so you may want to turn the volume up before listening).

Ashley Walker talks about life in the WNBA, the great seasons for both men and women's basketball at Cal this year, and how she and teammate Ashley Robinson may do a reality show called "The Ashleys" if the WNBA isn't the right career for them.

Devanei Hampton (and teammate Laura Kurz) at Storm Media Day (10:22)

Devanei talks about playing overseas in the offseason, coming back from multiple knee surgeries, how her recent weight loss has improved her mobility and her confidence in her knee.

After the jump Mark Boskovich earns Pac-10 academic honors, Landry Fields praises Jerome Randle, Alex Rossi acts like a model citizen, and more.

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  • Stanford's Landry Fields had nothing but praise for Jerome Randle in a recent article he wrote for  He was very impressed with how well Randle played at last month's Portsmouth Invitational, where he earned MVP honors over several top NBA prospects.  Field spoke of Randle's versatility as he focused more on passing as he guided the offense with great vision and passing.
  • Raising money for good causes, maintaining a 3.93 GPA, teaching leadership skills to student-athletes, and being a top basketball prospect are all part of a day in the life of incoming recruit Alex Rossi.

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