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Cal Baseball vs. UCLA: Saturday Gamethread

Time: 1:00 PST
Radio: KALX
Gametracker: Click here

Cal dropped a tough, tough game yesterday, and the fashion in which the game was lost may impact their ability to win today.  With a one run lead in the 8th, Cal went to Justin Jones to help protect the lead.  Through little fault of his own Justin was unable to do so, allowing two unearned runs.  A few more errors and kicked balls insured a painful loss in the 9th.  Justin is scheduled to start today against Trevor Bauer of UCLA.  Will his brief relief appearance impact in performance today?  Justin has showed impressive durability this season, so hopefully he'll show no ill effects.

The Bears need this game, and badly.  Using Jones yesterday showed just how desperate the Bears are to end their late season losing streak.  Lose today and Cal will have lost 6 straight going into tomorrow's series finale - and that's the worst way to head into the post-season when you're trying to impress a selection committee.

So let's hope for some better defense and some better luck.  Comment away, and Go Bears!