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Golden Nuggets: 1605-179

After enduring a year in which the rugby championship was not home in Berkeley, Jack Clark's squad defeated BYU in a rematch of last year's championship game.  BYU held Cal to its lowest scoring margin of the season while giving Cal its narrowest win of the year.  The Bears ended the season with a perfect record, outscoring their opponents 1609-179.

After time expired Saturday, many of the Bears broke down into tears of joy. That even included normally composed coach Jack Clark, who got emotional as he watched his team celebrate on the field.

"Those kids put their bodies on the line today, didn't they? I just want to hug all of them," Clark said, his voice cracking with emotion.

Cal fifth-year senior Colin Hawley was especially emotional afterward. He cried in his teammates arms and then was hoisted into the air along with fellow seniors Eric Fry and Keegan Engelbrecht. Fry scored the Bears' first try and was named the most valuable player of the championship match.

"We had to wait the entire year for this one moment, this one date," Hawley said. "Each game you can be out of it. You go into each game thinking this could be it. You have to play your best or you're done. We just kept playing. We kept on battling the entire game and brought the championship back to Berkeley."

This was the 31st national championship played since it was inaugurated by USA Rugby, and the Bears now have won the title 25 times. Cal also finished the season 26-0, its first undefeated campaign since 2002.

After the jump Nyan Boateng tries out for the Giants, rugby defeats BYU in a rematch of last year's championship game, and Cal sports enjoy a generally successful weekend.

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