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Golden Nuggets:Gabe King Introduces Himself to Cal

Gabe King, one of Cal's top recruits for 2010, wrote an article on BearInsider introducing himself to Cal fans and thanking the fans and program for this opportunity.

Cal was first on my list for the longest time because I love Coach Tosh Lupoi. He is the realest, most down-to-earth coach I have ever met, and if anyone is going to yell and scream obscene things at me, I'd feel honored if it was him. He has shown that he goes 137% percent for his guys and that made me feel even more comfortable with my decision.

Being a long way from family, it was essential that I felt at home where I'd be playing and at home I felt being with Coach. Choosing Cal was also easy because it was the only place wherein if I could no longer play football I would still feel happy with life while attending college.

The players at Cal are unlike any others I have met throughout my whole recruiting process. Being a part of a family like this seemed too good to be true. I feel as though Cal chose me as much as I chose them and for that I am truly greatful.

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