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Golden Nuggets: Attendance at AT&T Park

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JO talks about the effect attendance at AT&T Park will have on the 2011 season and beyond.

The Bears have about 38,000 season-ticket holders. Assuming that number holds steady, that leaves only about 7,000 single-game tickets per home date for other fans to purchase. The configuration for Cal games at AT&T Park will allow for a capacity of 45,000.

This is not to say this isn’t the right decision by Cal. It is just a little bit of a surprising one. The Oakland Coliseum holds over 63,000 for football and Candlestick Park holds almost 70,000. The university could have packed in a lot more fans at those venues.

Then there’s this: Don’t downplay the marketing affect playing at AT&T Park could have. Of the three venues considered, AT&T Park will be the most similar to the renovated Memorial Stadium in terms of amenities and game-day experience. Even if it is only 7,000 casual fans per game, that could help Cal expand its fan base moving forward once it returns to Memorial Stadium. And maybe being a tough ticket isn’t such a bad thing. If getting a ticket to a Cal football game is considered a premium, that could also help marketing the program in the future.

Also consider that playing in San Francisco could help Cal make a dent in a new fan base. The majority of fans that come to football games don’t come from San Francisco. Barbour said she is excited about the prospect of drawing in new fans by playing at AT&T Park.

After the jump ESPN releases a new television schedule for the 2010 football season, JO may have a new rival, Ted Miller predicts Pac-10 bowls, and more on the AT&T park decision.

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