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CGB Census: I'm A Cal Fan, and I Grew Up In...



Note: I'll be pretty busy these next few weeks, so I'll be light on analysis until mid-May. Again, if any one of our knowledgeable commenters wants to write formal football and basketball analysis posts, just write a new FanPost and we'll judge whether it's worthy of the frontpage or not! Apologies, but things have gotta get done.

Continuing our CGB census, (we've already covered Jobs, Majors, and Freshman living), we turn our attention to location. Plenty of us define ourselves by our location. Cal does its best to attract as many people from as many regions of the state as possible; add in the out-of-state and international flavor and you have a pretty good mix of some of the brightest and most curious minds our world can provide.

So vote in the poll and answer the question in the comments: Where were you all from before you came to Cal? Bonus points for funny or intriguing places or anecdotes about your origins. (Please keep the NorCal/SoCal ragging to a minimum. We've been there before.)

Secondary question: Where are you all at now?