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Golden Nuggets: Draft Weekend Recap

Online highlight videos seem to have helped Detroit's head coach decide to draft Jahvid Best.

Coach Jim Schwartz said Best popped up on his radar after offensive coordinator Scott Linehan mentioned how he had been dazzled after watching Best on television.

"We were having dinner the night before one of the games," Schwartz said, "and Scott said, 'Wow, have you seen that running back from Cal?'

" 'No. They have a running back?' "

"He said, 'Man, what I would do for a running back like that. That guy's just really - I don't know if he's coming out, what he would do in the draft, but I just watched him play a game and that guy is everything we're looking for.'"

Schwartz said he quickly fired up Best's highlights on YouTube and Google and also was amazed.

"When you put a game on," Schwartz said, "he was dominating that game, whether it was in the passing game - he's got great hands - whether it's as a receiver, whether it's as a running back, running inside, running outside, wildcat, whatever it is, he was the best player on the field, and it was against good competition."

Best said he did not know how the Lions plan to use him, but he was ready and willing to do anything. Even though he's known best for his speed as a former prep track sprinting champ, Best said he considered something else his best feature as a running back.

"I'd say my biggest strength is vision and as a running back if you don't have vision you're not going to be successful," Best said. "You can be the strongest guy in the world or the fastest guy in the world, but if you don't have vision you're never going to hit the hole. So I feel that's my strongest asset."

After the jump Jacksonville and Detroit coaches/media talk about draft day, Alualu and Best talk about being drafted, three Bears sign with the Dallas Cowboys, the football team wraps up spring practice, and more.

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