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2010 NFL Draft First Round Open Thread

They've been attending training camps, performing drills for scouts, and working for countless hours. Over the next few days they'll find out which team--if any--will give them a chance to start a career in the pros. That's right, the NFL Draft is upon us.

Jahvid Best is in New York hoping to hear his name called tonight, but several projections have Tyson Alualu being picked as high as the first round.  They're Cal's two top talents, but they're not guaranteed first-round picks.  So who will be chosen tonight? Best? Alualu? Both?  Or will both have to wait until tomorrow before they get picked?

After the jump we take a look at where the "experts" think our Bears will be drafted

First, let's take a look at where the experts think the Bears will end up.

Tyson Alualu:

  • Alualu is at the top of Todd McShay's list of gems in the draft...if they're still available during day 2.
  • ESPN's mock draft sees Alualu picked as the seventh pick in round 2 (39th) going to the Raiders, Syd going 33rd in the fourth round (131) to the Bengals, and Tucker going 43rd in round 7 (250th) to the Patriots.
  • Four CBS writers put together mock drafts and Pete Prisco believes the Jets will choose Alualu in the first round(29th pick).  John Lorge of Bleacher Report also believes the Jets will choose Alualu in the first round.
  • FoxSports predicts Oakland will choose Alualu in the second round (39th overall).
  • Walter Football predicts Alualu will go to the Patriots inthe second round (53rd overall).
  • predicts Alualu will fall to the fourth round, chosen by Oakland (103rd overall).  Oddly enough, they also predict Denver will choose Alualu in the fourth round (109th overall).
  • predicts Alualu will be chosen in the second round by the Patriots (44th overall).
  • predicts San Diego will choose Alualu in the second round (40th overall).
  • FootballExpert has Alualu going to the Saints in the third round (64th).
  • Jahvid Best

  • Fox Sports has him going to the Chargers in the 1st (28th)
  • Bleacher Report has Alex Mack paving the way for Best, as Best goes to the Browns in the second round (38th).
  • Walter Football has him going the 2nd, to the Niners (49th)
  • predicts him to the Texans (52nd)
  • In the aforementioned ESPN draft, Best would be the 24th pick in round 2 (56th) going to the Packers.
  • Rob Rang of CBS Sports has Best to the Lions early in the 2nd (34th), Chad Reuter to the Niners (49th).  FootballExpert also has Best going to the Lions in the second.
  • DraftCountdown has Best to the Pats after a trade from the Titans (47th).

  • Syd'Quan Thompson

    Verran Tucker

    Mike Tepper