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Cal Band Spring Show Goes Live This Friday! Get Your Tickets Now!

I'll be as clear and direct as I can.  Despite recent protestations otherwise, in America, you still have to provide money in exchange for goods and services.  For example, $20 can buy many peanuts!  It can also buy somewhere between 2-4 tickets to the upcoming Cal Marching Band Spring Show this Friday night, 4.23.10 at 7:30 PM at Zellerbach. 

What is the Cal Band Spring Show?  It is an opportunity for the band to showcase its talents and make some money.  Some much needed money.  Money that can be exchanged for goods and services.  In recent years, budget cut backs have kept the band from making some away trips.  To many, the marching band is that annoying, noisy thing that keeps more of those great Odwalla Races from happening up on the BearVision.  And look, I love those Odwalla Races as much as the next mentally incapable invalid!  But one of the few things that separates college sports from the professional sports is the marching band.  Any random AAA baseball team can bring you Odwalla Races, but how many can bring the passion and sweeping creativity of the marching band?   We need to support that passion!

So, come on out to the Spring Show this Friday.  Many of your California Golden Blogs moderators, including yours truly, were in the Cal Band Spring Show.  So, it's not just a band tradition, it's a CGB tradition!

You can buy tickets here.  The best part is that so many times people ask you for donations to help Cal where you get little in return.  Not much more than the warming glow of glowing warmth that is the concept of donation.  Here, you can help out Cal AND get a pretty awesome show in return.  An awesome show that can help support the organization that gave you this awesome show:

Remember, if you don't go, you'll end up like this guy right here:

So go!  BEARS!