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Golden Nuggets: Spring Scrimmage Recap

As usual, BearInsider's Ted Lee has the most comprehensive recap of the scrimmage (particularly when he's talking about offense).  Here's he talks about recent improvements on the O-line.

 "They definitely have (progressed)," said Tedford. "They weren't perfect by any means but there's a lot of combinations that are being thrown together, a lot of guys playing differentt positions, but for the most part I really think they've come a long way through the spring."

A few names have stood out.

"Charles Siddoway, at right tackle, he's made a lot of progress over the spring, he'll be a contributor for us," said Tedford, who also mentioned Sam Demartinis as a player whose played his way into the offensive line rotation.. "(Justin) Cheadle's come a long way, Donovan Edwards has played pretty much every position, he's played center and guard. It gives us flexibility where (Dominic) Galas might play guard and Donovan might play center. They're getting better everyday, you can really see it, this past week the offense played well they moved the ball well all week long."

One person who's been particularly grateful for the turnaround in offensive line play is quarterback Kevin Riley.

"Absolutely, (they've gotten better)," said Riley. "Especially since our last scrimmage, (Thursday) and today, that's when we started picking it up better. Before that our offense was getting its ass kicked and we couldn't do anything. But now we're picking up these looks and you can see we can execute plays better and make plays better"

The encouraging part of the offensive line's play was that it was able to sustain possession for two lengthy drives – with one 17-play, 76-yard drive culminating in a 21-yard field goal and another 12-play, 80-yard drive winding up with a 43-yard touchdown pass from Wertenberger to Spencer Hagan.

However, the line also allowed three sacks, including one play when Riley appeared to trip over an offensive lineman. A miscommunication between the quarterback and the center also resulted in a fumble that was recovered by the defense.

After the jump several more writers give their takes on the scrimmage, Best's draft stock may be falling, Ted Miller interviews Pendergast, and more.

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