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2010 Cal Football Spring "Game" Open Thread

Spring "Game" starts today at 9 am.  Some of your Marshawnthusaists will be there.  Perhaps even a Jahviditician, and maybe even Members of the Folletariet.  Stop by the 50 yard line to say hi to the CGB folks.  We'll have a sign out to help you guys locate us. 

HydroTech will be supplying some Twitter updates.  TwistNHook might be supplying Twitter updates too.  I think Ragnarok will be there.  Rishi is bringing the lemon drops.  Carp is bringing the NSFW photos.  33SwisherSweet is bringing the free weights and muscle milk.  Since1997 is bringing some BAM.  Turkey is bringing his camera and some turkey.  Feel free to bring something if you want, if not, that's cool too.  We'll just take your wallet or your first born child instead. 

Here is the CGB Twitter, so you can follow our updates. 

Feel free to talk about our tweets in this thread, as well as all other related spring game things. 

We'll have coverage of the spring game to follow.  Perhaps some pictures, maybe a few posts.  But definitely not some pictures of formations or drills because THAT worked so well for us in 2007 (sarcasm)!