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Golden Nuggets: Loggy and DJ Big Red

As he performs at more and more venues, Alex "Loggy" Lagemann's hobby is turning into a serious pursuit.  Go here to download his album "Up All Night" for free.

"Before he put out his mixtape, he sat down and was just kind of freestyling. I was like, 'I think he's got something here,' " said Cal wide receiver Ian Albrecht, Loggy's manager and hype man. "We kicked out a beat and put out a song and it was really good. We showed all of our buddies on the team, and they told us to put more songs out. We did it and big things have happened since."

Loggy's DJ is Cal defensive end Mike Costanzo ("DJ Big Red"). Costanzo has had his own personal DJ business for the past eight years

"It sounded really good for someone who has never done it," Costanzo said. "The lyrics are awesome. Whether or not it gets bigger than it has, I don't know. But definitely if it continues to work out like this, there's no stopping the possibility of what we can do."

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