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CGB Census: What's Your Major, Cal Fans?



This doesn't count. Sorry Goldblooded.

Continuing with our theme of getting to know our community better (yesterday--your job), we move onto that one or two word response that defined your college existence: the major.

Remember that question you got asked at parties all the time? And then you answered it and then the other person was like "Oh wow. You must be really smart." or "Oh wow. That sounds really interesting." Then you did the same to him or her vice-versa? And then you two stand around awkwardly for two minutes before moving around to the next person? Good times.

Spill the beans Cal students and grads. Vote in the poll (a few majors are crammed together to conserve space) and discuss why you chose it in the comments (talk about your minors too if you'd lie in the comments, but the poll is about majors only).