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CGB Census: Occupation, Occupation

We here at the CGB pride ourselves on having extremely bored, job-hating, smart, witty, world-wise community, and it continues to grow day-by-day. Well, until the offseason comes and everyone goes on vacation. But we'll start growing again in July!

However, we know we have a BUNCH of lurkers or only occasional commenters on our site, and we want to do our best to bring you ladies and gentlemen into the fold. Also, we need to give Twist more people to talk to, or otherwise he's going to keep on inviting me to his Twilight parties.

So, falling in line with our theme of civic responsibility that I just made up right now, we're going to start by filling out our first CGB census, one question at a time. Hopefully these questions are fun and will help us get to know you better and bring some of you out of the woodwork.

Today's focus: Occupation.

Most of our readers went to Cal, but we also went to UC Berkeley, and that degree holds merit. One of those big merits is that a lot of us end up with super cool work assignments (maybe not as cool as robbing drug dealers, but a man got to have a code). Or jobs that pay well. At least that's what I'd like to think in my fantasy land.

What occupation are you working in or (if you're in grad school/law school/business school/culinary school) currently working towards? Tell us a little bit about what you do in the comments. Bonus points for funny, unique, and/or super cool.



We can't all be Cal alumni dancers.