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Golden Nuggets: PC Does His Best Superman Impression

[Feel free to use this post as an Open Thread to discuss the Oscar's which are airing right now on ABC, if you so desire.  Or discuss how awesome Cal sports are!]

After his first pair of shoes started tearing, PC switched his shoes at half and came out on fire.

What we know is they are a much better team when Patrick Christopher is assertive and accurate and, above all, highly motivated.

The senior guard made clear during the week he wasn't terribly impressed with the share of the Pac-10 title Cal gained with a victory over Arizona State last Saturday in Berkeley. He talked about wanting to win the Pac-10 title for the five seniors on the team and doing it at Stanford, where Mike Montgomery spent the majority of his career.

Then Christopher went out and tried to win it practically alone. He took a team-high eight shots in the first half, making only two and missing all three of his 3-point attempts. He played every minute, scoring 6 points the hard way.

He made up for it after halftime, with a Superman move.

Clark Kent typically entered phone booth to shed his suit and tie, emerging with an "S" on his chest and a cape at his back. Christopher merely entered the locker room and changed shoes.

The self-admitted "sneakerhead" — he has dozens of pairs — found a more comfortable pair and was immediately more effective. He scored 17 points after halftime, including 11 of Cal's 14 during a pivotal stretch to close out the victory.

"I wanted to give coach Montgomery a win in here," Christopher said. "I don't think we really wanted to share a Pac-10 championship."

The desire to win it outright was evident in the way Cal attacked the boards (41-30 advantage), in senior forward Jamal Boykin's fierce first half (11 or his 13 points) and in Montgomery's sideline gyrations. This was about winning the Pac-10, yes, but also about establishing something that has been elusive.

"We especially wanted this, to come in here and get some momentum for the postseason," Christopher said.

After the jump JO looks at RBs, WRs, and TEs, Monty's recruits continue to shine in post-season play, Lexi bids farewell to Haas, and more.

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