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Golden Bears Alone At The Top, Clinch Pac-10 Outright, Sweep the furd

Today's a day of firsts (HT ragnarok) for the California Golden Bears.

  • Cal clinches the outright Pac-10 title in one of the three major sports (football, basketball, baseball) for the first time in fifty years.
  • Cal sweeps the Furd for the first time since 1993
  • Cal sweeps the Furd in football and basketball for the first time since 1982-83.
  • Cal's in first place to end the regular season. That's a first for us covering Cal sports on this site!

Revel tonight. Worry about the tourneys tomorrow. And hope that this is the start of a trend for our teams. Pac-10 champions.

As always, here are your 5 questions:

1. The turning point of the game was when:

2. The award for best player goes to: The award for best supporting player goes to:

3. How much will you 'miss' Landry Fields, Drew Shiller, et. al.? Bonus points for condescending, sarcastic answers!

4. Now that the Pac-10 regular season is over, how satisfied are you about Cal's performance in conference?

5. Predict as much as you want about the Pac-10 tournament. Eventual champion? Dark Horse contenders? Team you don't want Cal to face? Bonus points for good USC jokes!