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Golden Nuggets: 20 Questions with Jorge Gutierrez

This week Jorge is Faraudo's guest for the weekly 20 19(?) questions segment.

Your five-man Dream Team, including yourself in the lineup: I don’t follow the NBA that much. I don’t have a player I look up to. I would like to play with Harper (Kamp) at the 4, Markhuri (Sanders-Frison) at the 5, Theo (Robertson) at the 3, D.J. (Seeley) at the 2 and me at the 1.

Age when you first dunked: I was probably 14. It was just a fastbreak — I think I stole the ball. It was exciting. For everybody else, too.

Place you’ve never been that you’d love to visit: I would like to go to this hotel in Alaska that’s made of ice (Aurora Ice Hotel in Chena Springs). Everything is ice. I saw it on the History Channel.

Besides Cal, the Pac-10 school with the best basketball fans: Washington.

The worst: Probably Stanford.

If you could be an Olympic athlete, other than basketball, your sport/event: Soccer.

The sport you refuse to watch: Swimming. I like to swim, but I don’t like to watch swimming at all.

The actor who plays you in the movie version of your life: The `Zorro’ guy, Antonio Banderas — that’s what everybody calls me sometimes.

Best concert you ever saw: I went to see Santana in Denver.

Least favorite kind of music: Country.

Favorite meal your mother cooks: Chicken mole.

Food you will not eat: I won’t eat hamburgers from McDonald’s or fastfood restaurants.

Three people in history you’d like to have dinner with: It would be my family. My mom and my father and my brother.

After the jump Tedford gives us a pre-spring update, JO previews QBs, Cal fans rejoice as OSU will not play Cal in the first round of the Pac-10 tourney, and more.

Cal Football

  • JO previews QBs heading into spring practice.  Tedford says Riley has a larger advantage over Mansion/Sweeney than he had last year. They will all receive equal reps during spring practice.
  • After talking to Tedford, JO has a variety of updates: Charles Satchell is moving to safety, Michael Calvin had his knee scoped again but he should be ready for the start of practice, Vereen will take it easy during spring after taking a beating towards the end of the season (partially torn meniscus, shoulder injury, rib injury), Solomona Aigamaua is moving to TE, and the O-line is coming into shape with Dominic Galas/Chris Guarnero splitting time at center and guard and Donovan Edwards and Mitchell Schwartz starting practice at the left and right tackle spots, respectively.
  • After undergoing shoulder surgery, Mychal Kendricks will miss spring practice.  He should recover in time to participate in the summer workouts.
Cal Basketball