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Golden Nuggets: While You Were At the Party Yacht Over Spring Break...

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Incoming offensive lineman Chris Adcock spent his spring break in Ateiku, Ghana helping build a school.  Although Cal gave him a workout schedule to follow over break, he says his work and Ghana has helped prepare him physically and mentally. Click here for a slideshow of the trip.

The Ateiku Church of Christ School is the sister school of Adcock's high school and the incoming Cal freshman said that even though this was their first trip to Ateiku, his school had been sending the sister school helpful supplies for the last few years. "It is the longest [mission trip] we have ever done as a school, and the farthest from home," noted Adcock.

Most of the work that the group from Dallas contributed to was aiding in the construction of a new senior high school for the town of Ateiku. Not only did the school need restrooms, but there was also no working electricity.

It wasn't 'all work and no play' for the offensive lineman and his group. They did take some time off from their work for a trip to the coast. "We got to eat lunch on the ocean; It was an amazing experience," wrote Adcock.

Even though it was the offensive lineman's charity that brought him to Africa, he was the benefactor of an experience worth more than he could give.

"This is one of the most life-changing weeks of my life," said Adcock. "Spending time in this new culture [ for me] has really opened my eyes. It's going to be hard to go back home."

A big part of the 'life-changing' came about from seeing the absence of things that we here in America take for granted -- such as electricity and bathrooms. Said Adcock of seeing how people live in other, less fortunate, countries, "It changes the way you look at things."

Not only has his trip changed the way he looks at things, Adcock said that the trip may have recharged him for football. Prior to leaving for Ateiku, Cal's coaching staff had sent Adcock a spring wieght workout routine, and he had already started it prior to leaving. While the regimen issued by Cal is most likely strenuous, Adcock didn't give the impression that it was tougher than construction in Ateiku.

"Well I've been doing physical labor all week, and I think that has tested my mental strength to persevere and finish what i started. It has just put my normal life on hold. I feel like I will come back even more motivated and refreshed to finish my senior year strong, and get ready for Cal."

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