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Thank Your 2009-2010 Pac-10 Champion Cal Men's Basketball Team



xultaif of Bear Insider had a really great idea and I feel all of us who've followed this team from Day 1 should all pitch in and contribute. Let our team know how much we cherish their accolades.

All it takes to show your appreciation is a postage stamp and a trip to your local card store (if you're really cheap, just use a piece of paper. Gratitude is the big thing here.).  

Let's flood the basketball office with Thank You cards for this great season.

No "Official Thank You Bears" thread on here (which is nice but kind of a waste)
No Emails
No phone calls.

Everyone on here, and people you know, send a card to Coach Montgomery and the team. There's something very impact-full about getting a physical card.

In the card let them know
- your class or if you're not a alumni of CAL how you are a CAL fan
- what this season has meant to you
- your favorite moment
- How glad you are this team is a part of CAL history

Seriously, let's make this happen. How cool would it be for Coach Montgomery and the players, to receive hundreds of cards come from CAL backers from Hawaii, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Singapore, UK, etc. etc. I'm telling you, it will mean a lot.

Who's in? here's the address:

Coach Montgomery and the Men's Basketball Team
Haas Pavilion 
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

If you do do it, please spread the message around by re-Tweeting the title of this post and/or sharing it on Facebook with their fellow Cal fans using the buttons below (or above if you're viewing the full post). I'm sure we can get a LOT of Golden Bear fans expressing their appreciation for what these guys did.  Also, when you've completed it, share it on Facebook with some type of viral message, like "I've sent my thanks to the 2009-10 Cal basketball team. Have you?", which could help people get the message around quickly. Hopefully at least one person decides to take the leap, that's all that matters to me!

My card of appreciation is headed in the mail later this afternoon. If you want to, let us know what you're writing to these guys in the comments. If you don't wish to send a card because you are dirt poor, say what you would have put in the card here in the comments.

Thanks to all our basketball fans for a great season, and we look forward to starting it all up again in seven months. After the jump, the images I'll remember this season by: The long awaited Pac-10 champion celebration photos.

I originally thought about posting this one after the game ended with the other two posts (pregame and ingame), but decided to save it in the likely event our season ended with a loss.  This is the final memory we should
all have of this season. Things like this haven't happened often, so it's worth checking the photos again, just to make sure it really did happen.

Yep, we were Pac-10 champions alright.


For historical record, Jerome Randle cut the nets first.


Then Jamal Boykin. Then everyone else, as shown in the video above.


After Monty addressed everyone, the crowd began to disperse, but plenty of Cal fans still loitered around.  It was quite a scene of Rally Comm, Cal Band members, Cal Dance Team, all scattered about with the Cal fans old and young.


Afterwards the seniors hung around to chat it up with the Cal radio guys, Todd McKim and Roxy Bernstein. Jerome always had his floor general face on, even with that net slung around his neck. It was as if the game was getting ready to tipoff.


Plenty of Cal fans hung around, hoping they'd get a chance at an autograph or a photo or some memorabilia. Or maybe they were just taking it in, like Bodypaint Kid in the middle.


Randle concludes his part and leaves to a big roar from the Cal fans left, Theo Robertson puts the headphones on.


Patrick Christopher spent most of the postgame smiling. In fact when I saw him well after the game ended (sadly, no photos of the fine wardrobe he was wearing), the dude was grinning like the Chesire Cat. Smooth customer, that PC.


I think some dude gave Randle something for him to sign (his shoe? that was a massive shoe). Or maybe Randle wanted to give him a shoe he could sign. I'm not sure at all what happened here. This is great reporting by me.


I'm going to tell you one thing I'll miss about Theo: His postgame interviews. You want to learn a lot about what it's like to be a basketball player? Theo provides some of the most thoughtful answers you'll ever get from a college player. Not that I mind cliches, but it's nice to see an athlete think on the spot and give good takes on the spot.


Nikola Knezevic speaks.  You know, he looks small on the screen, but when you see him in person, you realize you are a mere midget. I can imagine Dwight Lewis must've been thrilled at getting chased by him for seven nonstop minutes.


No surprise, Christopher was the most outgoing of the Bears in the postgame, signing autographs while waiting for his turn on the postgame with Roxy and Todd.


PC laughs about something. They were probably clowning about someone's shoes.



Finally, before I exited, the Cal Dance Team decided to take advantage of the now empty court.  


GO BEARS! Enjoy the offseason, enjoy the crown!