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Golden Nuggets: Give Nyan A Chance

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This is a first: the NY Post has today's featured story.

"I just want to show teams that I've made a drastic improvement in my life," Boateng told The Post yesterday.

Boateng has a lot to atone for, on and off the field.


His odyssey began in 2006 when, after a promising freshman season with the Gators, he was stabbed by an angry ex-girlfriend in his dorm room in Gainesville, Fla. To Boateng's dismay, Florida coach Urban Meyer, sensitive to the tide of arrest reports involving UF players, suspended him -- even though Boateng was, by all accounts, an innocent victim.


When Meyer compounded that by going back on what Boateng said was the coach's promise to let him play both football and basketball for the Gators, Boateng decided to transfer cross-country to Cal.


But before Boateng could play a down in the Pac-10, he was arrested in Gainesville for burglary, battery and criminal mischief after a disagreement with another ex. Boateng said it was a misunderstanding and the charges eventually were dismissed.


Boateng stayed clean at Cal, thanks largely to a books-first culture he said was the polar opposite of Florida's football-crazy hothouse, but the off-field troubles have been a big topic in his interviews with scouts.


Unfortunately for Boateng, he broke his foot early in 2009, missing two games as a result, and ended up with just 12 receptions for 166 yards and two scores in nine contests.


"He's got some skills, but the legal stuff is a concern and there are a lot better receivers [in this year's draft]," an NFC scout told The Post. "He's probably looking at trying to make it as [an undrafted] free agent."


After what Boateng has been through already, a chance is all he wants.

Also I wish a very happy birthday to Shane Vereen, Mikhail Gorbachev, and...hmm...I thought there was someone else too...Anyway, after the jump Cal is movin' on up in the bracketology, the Chargers may be interested in Best, and more.

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