DBD 3/19/10: Fair-weather Asshats

Hey DBD circle-jerkers! Guess What? Cal has a game tonight! 6:55 against Louisville. Of course, this will come as a surprise to many of you (Carp, Rishi, Twist, for starters) because you apparently are not Cal fans. If you were Cal fans, you would have picked Cal to beat Louisville in your California Golden Blogs NCAA tournament bracket challenge extravaganza.

Why pick Louisville? Well, you get virtually no benefit, as picking a winner in a first round game gets you a whopping 1 point, out of something like 25,000 possible. If you really think Louisville is going to the final four and you have to pick them over Cal to do so, fine. But guess what? Rishi, Carp, Twist, and probably everyone else who picked Louisville has them losing to Duke in the second round! So you're picking Cal to lose for only one possible bracket point, which will make absolutely no difference in the final standings.

Are these guys even Cal fans? Sure, they hang out 50 hours a week on this site...but 99% of it is right here in the dbd. Twist would skip a Cal game to hold his wife's hand while she got a pedicure. Rishi would skip a Cal game for a Lemon Drop. I'm pretty sure Carp doesn't even know we have a basketball team (we do have a women's basketball team, who beat those farmers from uc davis on Wednesday. Yeah, our women's bball team is better than your women's bball team. Eat it, Aggies).

Of course, maybe you guys are just cold-hearted, dispassionate thinkers who don't allow sentimentality (like four senior starters leading us to our first pac-10 championship in 50 years) to get in the way of your expert analysis. Oh wait, you know who knows virtually nothing about college basketball? Rishi, Carp, and Twist, that's who! What's the over/under on the number of games the three of them, combined, have seen all year? 8? So maybe they're going with the betting public? Nope, the game is a pick 'em. No favorite, no underdog. What we have here are 3 people (and I'm sure there are more of you - out yourselves!) who know nothing about college basketball, have no favorite to go on...and pick against Cal, when there is no benefit to do so.

So why? Why such a stupid, dick move? Attention. They're all attention whores, which is painfully, annoyingly clear after reading approximately 3 comments in any dbd. And now I'm giving them the attention they want. I'm no better than they are, except I am because at least I picked Cal to win.

Real Cal fans, it's time to stand up. As Mike Silver said, get your goddamn game face on. Enough cutesy bullshit picking against Cal in a toss-up game. Have some fucking faith in your team. Go bears, prove the fair-weather asshats wrong.

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