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March Madness First Round Open Thread: Thursday Early Games

Here is your schedule of opening games. Share your predictions, your brackets, your thoughts on the games as they're going on, what to look out for, etc.

Shouldn't have much trouble watching these games thanks to March Madness on Demand. You will be able to watch any game you want to as long as you have a high speed Internet connection.

All times are US/Eastern
Tournament Schedule
Thursday March 18, 2010
Time Away Home National Away TV Home TV
12:20 pm Florida #10 BYU #7 CBS - HD (Regional)    
12:25 pm Old Dominion #11 Notre Dame #6 CBS - HD (Regional)    
12:30 pm Robert Morris #15 Villanova #2 CBS - HD (Regional)    
2:30 pm Murray St. #13 Vanderbilt #4 CBS - HD (Regional)    
2:40 pm North Texas #15 Kansas St. #2 CBS - HD (Regional)    
2:45 pm Sam Houston #14 Baylor #3 CBS - HD (Regional)    
2:50 pm St. Mary's (Ca.) #10 Richmond #7 CBS - HD (Regional)    
4:45 pm UTEP #12 Butler #5 CBS - HD (Regional)